About Murtaza Daudali

Why I tutor?

I’m Studying:

11+ Maths, 13+ Maths, GCSE Maths, A-Level Maths

Why I Tutor?
I enjoy helping people make connections in their learning so that they can fully understand the content, as most of the time people fall behind due to teachers not being able to focus on each student. Also I can share in the feeling of making progress when a student does really well or improves massively. In My Lessons I Focus On Both exam technique and explanations (Rounded Approach) My Teaching Style I start of by analysing each student so I can understand what they know, what they can learn in a certain amount of time, and especially how they process and think logically in maths. Then using this I base my lessons by finding the root of their knowledge and building up from there.

Murtaza Daudali