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Why I tutor?

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11+ Maths, 11+ English, 13+ Maths, 13+ English, GCSE English, GCSE Biology

Why I Tutor?
I find tutoring to be both a rewarding and fulfilling experience. I enjoy working with students to aid their understanding whilst providing my support to help build their confidence. As a tutor I enjoy the opportunity I have to meet a variety of students, and work alongside them to make the experience the most beneficial for their learning. In My Lessons I Focus On Both exam technique and explanations (Rounded Approach) My Teaching Style I base my lessons around areas which my student would like to focus on. From this I go through key concepts, gradually working from a more basic to advanced level. I also use the aid of relevant exam questions to go through with the student, allowing them to gauge how to answer questions as best as possible.

Imaan Asif