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11+ English, 13+ English, GCSE English, GCSE French, GCSE History, A-Level French, A-Level History
About Gabrielle Couprie

My name is Gabrielle Couprie and I am a Political and International Student at Kent University. I have lived in the UK and in France. As a result, I am comfortable in both languages and I have had the opportunity to pass national exams in both countries, enabling me to understand different exam methods and requirements very well.

I have chosen to work as a tutor to help other students to prepare their exams and feel confident about their abilities to succeed!

My Teaching Approach

My teaching approach is centered around each student as I try to answer in the most efficient way to the needs of the student.

When working on exam preparations I focus on the students capacities in textual analysis, in reading comprehension, as well as writing skills. Through my lessons I also emphasis the importance of method (when revising as well as during the exam).

My main goal through my classes is to increase the student's confidence and essay skills in general.

Gabrielle Couprie

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